Jamie Nelson – “Devils Got Soul” brings sass and spirit!

Written by on 22 July 2021

One thing is undeniable when listening to the debut single “Devils Got Soul”, the powerhouse grit behind Jamie Nelson’s astoundingly raw vocals is an impressive rarity in today’s musical world. It embraces yesteryear with a fervor that is sincere and truly refreshing. In fact, the single subtly glances backward lovingly to a time when rock n’ roll had soul and was not something that could only ever be recreated inside a studio setting; this is raw, unadulterated grit that crosses genres and anchors itself in everything classic and organic. Proving she can fit right in with the big boys, Jamie’s debut single provides a fresh vibe of stunningly addictive rock.

Homegrown in Toronto, Ontario, Jamie Nelson is a Canadian-Italian artist who was born into the sound of her father’s 90s rock. From attending school for Music Theatre, to writing her first rock single “Devils Got Soul”, she prides herself on versatility. The single is like a musical tornado bursting through your ears and the mesmerism of a tantalizing rocker’s voice that the music industry desperately needs.

Sitting somewhere between Brett Anderson of The Donnas, Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless and “Lzzy” Hale of Halestorm, Jamie Nelson taps the vein of raw, raspy rock where screaming overdriven guitars meet slapping drums. The shimmering psychedelia, guitar rock and an old school ‘live’ sound, presents an anthemic and potent balancing act of balls to the wall ferocity and open-faced melody.

Jamie Nelson’s take-no-crap attitude is as present as is her soaring and soulful voice. Her powerful vocals bring sass and spirit to a song already fierce driven by an animated instrumental backing.

Contrary to the premature proclamations of others, the rock genre is very much alive, and Jamie is here to prove it with “Devils Got Soul”, which provides the listener with a full-on rock experience.

Bringing the words to life with an attitude, “Devils Got Soul” is sure to be a favorite to any rock fan who turns on the record. This track will make people feel something. Rock n’ roll has missed that element of the rebellion and danger, which Jamie Nelson brings here.

“Devils Got Soul” will sweep the listener away on a high note and remind them of the power of rock. The production has also given the song a dense, hardnosed aggression that manages to land on the correct side of the bombast fence.

Neither the instrumentation nor Jamie Nelson’s profoundly powerful and laser-sharp vocals are obstructed from view, in a setting that bears tones and timbres of classic rock music from the past.

At the end of it all, this is just a really good track, which combines the best elements of the rock genre. Sometimes you discover new music on the radio, through streams, or from a friend. Sometimes, though, you get immediately swept up in it, when you least expect it.

This was one of those latter moments. “Devils Got Soul”, is a case of Jamie Nelson getting set to carve out her own artistic lane and not allowing her enormous talent to settle into today’s idealized musical trends. Also watch out for Jamie Nelson new upcoming single, “Spine” which can be pre-ordered here: https://www.bit.ly/3rra47z

Connect with Jamie Nelson – Instagram: jamien.nelson – TikTok: jamien.nelson – Facebook: Jamie Nelson – Spotify: Jamie Nelson – YouTube: Jamie Nelson

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