Kovan Baldwin – “Last Man Standing” – the bro code!

Written by on 25 May 2022

Positivity with hints of romance is the specialty Kovan Baldwin serves up. And after an eight-year hiatus, you can be sure hot new sounds will be the special tonight. Kovan Baldwin is making waves around the world. His most recent single “Last Man Standing” Charted No. 84 on the Global Charts on Digital Radio Tracker. (DRT Radio).

The Minneapolis, MN local fuses R&B, soul, and pop to create sweet and soothing tracks that go down like honey. Dubbed as the New “Twin Cities Sound” by Award winning reporter Reg Chapman of Channel 4 CBS Minnesota, Kovan finds influence in legends like Mint Condition, Alexander O’Neal, and, most importantly, Prince.

About the video: Bro code, the silent code of honor amongst male friend groups, has terms and conditions agreed upon by all the bros. All bros will abide by those rules in perpetuity until a girl is involved. Once a girl enters the equation, bro code turns into every man for himself.

In the “Last Man Standing” music video, Kovan competes with two others for the attention of their shared crush. Of course, Kovan wins her time – or so he thinks. All three men ask to bring her to Kovan’s show tonight, but their questions are left unanswered.

Kovan is on the way to the show while his competitors wait at the venue for their sweetheart. He finds her in the hallway, and their synergy pulls them together. The singer serenades his crush while his rivals count their losses outside the locked door.

Suddenly, Kovan wakes up from his blissful dream and realizes that his crush is nowhere in sight. Instead, a disappointing text is centered on his phone, and she lets him know she can’t make it to his show.


Kovan Baldwin | ReverbNation
You can purchase Kovan Baldwin’s music on these platforms:
Spotify, Amazon music, ITUNES, DEEZER, TIDAL

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