Large Tunez International announce the new EP ‘CE GROUPIE HOE’ by Chasity McKenzie

Written by on 4 November 2021

Large Tunez International are excited to announce the new EP ‘CE GROUPIE HOE’ from the extraordinarily talented Chasity McKenzie. Featuring three outstanding songs that brilliantly navigate the very hot waters of Pop, RnB and Rap, Chasity is bringing her best work to date to an ever-growing army of fans.

Emerging from the burning center of Hip Hop, the New York based rapper and singer is the fresh young voice the world has been clamoring for. Blessed with the skills to thrill, ‘CE GROUPIE HOE’ builds on her critically acclaimed catalogue of work which has been striking all the right moves in 2021. The success of songs such as ‘813’, ‘Clueless’ and ‘Medz’ established her as an artist on the rise. That reputation is now set to explode as the title track on the EP plus the exceptional songs ‘SHAKE’ and ‘SEARCHIN’ are picked up by listeners everywhere and propel her to the next level.

Influenced by strong female idols Hannah Montana, Beyoncé, Jhené Aiko, Cardi B and countless others, ‘CE GROUPIE HOE’ proves she has learnt from those pioneers and is ready to take possession of a seat at the high table. With meticulous and biting lyrical content and an effortless singing voice, she builds an addictive flow that is uniquely her own. Rhymes that are complex and tight beyond measure weave around brilliant melodies that are as infectious as they are rewarding.

With over 20K streams on its first day of release alone, the ‘CE GROUPIE HOE’ EP is destined to set dancefloors alight as Chasity drops her truth bombs with the sassy attitude of a woman inspired. Phat beats, triumphant melodies and superb vocal arrangements will reward the listener at every single turn. As the world awakens from its enforced slumber, Chasity McKenzie will take you towards a world of unimagined pleasure and redefine music for a new generation of fans.

Track Listing: 1) CE GROUPIE HOE  2) SHAKE  3) SEARCHIN

Written by Jay B McCauley. Editor at Switched On Music! PR Guru, Radio Host and Record label CEO at Vagrant Soundz

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