Resonating Euphony: Ayric’s ‘Zendegi Zibast’ Reverberates with Beauty

Written by on 1 August 2023

In a world engulfed by social media and an endless barrage of news, we find ourselves tangled in a web of emotions, oscillating between the highs and lows of life. But fear not, for Ayric, the virtuoso Iranian musician, singer, and songwriter, emerges as a guiding light with his latest enchanting creation, “Zendegi Zibast” – a soul-stirring anthem that transcends language barriers to touch the very essence of our human experience. Born in the vibrant city of Tehran, Iran, on June 17th in 1987, Ayric’s passion for music ignited at an early age. Nurtured by the profound teachings of the Tehran Music Conservatory, he honed his craft in the mesmerizing field of composition, unleashing boundless creativity with every note he orchestrated.

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Ayric’s musical odyssey led him to the charming embrace of Italy, where he now resides. A maestro of melodies, he lent his masterful touch to numerous projects, composing and arranging songs for an array of esteemed artists. Collaborating in recording studios with illustrious musicians and singers, Ayric’s brilliance shone like a celestial symphony, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of music connoisseurs.

“Life is Beautiful,” a poetic celebration of life’s inherent beauty, finds its melodic roots in the heart of Persia. Crafted with divine inspiration, the lyrics inspired by the words of the poems written by the gifted 13th-century Persian poet Rumi, intertwine seamlessly with Ayric’s soul-stirring composition, uniting to create a stirring anthem of hope.

As the music reverberates within the walls of Simon Studio in Rome, Italy, a magical alchemy takes place. A fusion of emotions, meticulously arranged, mixed, and mastered, gives birth to “Zendegi Zibast” – a heartfelt plea to perceive life through a prism of optimism, regardless of the darkness that surrounds us.

Amidst the cacophony of modern existence, Ayric beckons us to embrace a profound revelation – the power of choice. With every passing day, we are presented with the momentous decision to succumb to despair or to rise above the tides of sadness. The beauty lies not merely in the grand triumphs but in the ordinary moments, in cherishing the light amidst the darkness, and in uncovering opportunities amidst challenges.

“Zendegi Zibast” is a melodic mirror that reflects our daily struggle, where happiness contends with sadness, and cheerfulness dances with depression. Yet, Ayric implores us to seek the splendor of life, to turn our gaze towards hope, and to liberate ourselves from the shadows that seek to imprison our minds.”

In a touching dedication, Ayric extends his heartfelt gratitude to all those courageous souls who seek the triumph of light over darkness, those who relentlessly uncover the beauty of life’s tapestry. The song becomes not just an auditory delight but a transformative journey of self-discovery, an evocative reminder that life is an extraordinary gift, brimming with beauty, waiting to be explored.

With “Zendegi Zibast,” Ayric weaves a harmonious narrative, an ever-relevant reminder to savor life’s wonders and embrace the vast ocean of possibilities that lie before us. So, let us immerse ourselves in Ayric’s enchanting creation, take a moment to breathe in the profound wisdom of his melodies, and embark on an inspiring voyage to find the beauty in every step we take.

Ayric’s “Zendegi Zibast” is more than a song; it’s a symphony of the soul, an ode to hope, and an invitation to celebrate life’s resplendent beauty. Let us join hands and hearts, as we immerse ourselves in this enchanting musical escapade, for indeed, life is beautiful.


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