Ash Avery – “Buddafly” – a major call-to-action for listeners

Written by on 27 July 2021

Ash Avery wears many hats – a surfer, traveler, mystic and musician. Born in Devon in the UK, he left his homeland at the age of sixteen in search of waves, adventure and insight. Years later he found his haven in the Amazon jungle in Peru, as the owner and founder of The Garden Of Peace Ayahuasca and master plant retreat. The shamanic healer, one man band and independent artist has also been releasing music on a regular basis. We recently came across his single “Buddafly”. Straight off the cuff it can be said that Ash Avery is one of those insanely talented artists that many people will have had a hard time hearing of.  He is also one of those extraordinary independent artists, who get a whole lot done with the least amount of resources.

“Buddafly” was recorded with an iPhone 6 Plus, a Boss Loop Station, a Shure sm58 microphone, and Garage Band, with a little bit of midi thrown in for added effect, and of course Ash Avery’s trusted guitar, which is what mainly animates his songs, along with his voice. Ash has an important message embedded within the track, and he keeps it subtle under his mellifluous and sleek voice.

The all-around summer vibe Ash Avery brings, gives this track a great deal of vibrancy and groove.  Initially, it may seem like Ash is doing nothing that is necessarily different then many of his contemporaries, but in reality, he’s taking a completely alternative approach. He sings, so seamlessly and confidently, with the notion that there is a major call-to-action for listeners. Tonally, he stays true to himself, and plays right into his strengths.

Knowing that he may have composed this track while sitting in the middle of nature somewhere, helps listeners understand where most of his inspiration comes from, and Ash Avery is not one to hide his enthusiasm for life. On “Buddafly” he paints vivid pictures without doing anything grandiose or over-the-top, and sometimes, that’s all we really need in music.

“Buddafly” is a representation of someone who despite all his adventures, is still searching for passion and inspiration in the world and people around him. A quality many of us have lost, or left behind in search of the instantaneous payoff offered by material goods. “Buddafly” is exercise of song writing sophistication that keeps Ash Avery’s lyrical narrative at the forefront beside his crisp guitar work and beautiful vocals.

Few artists could write such an uncluttered song that is overflowing with a level of soulful emotion, yet Ash Avery seems to do so effortlessly. Ash has mastered the art of writing a catchy track that subtly discusses his thoughts and beliefs without ever becoming preachy. Ash Avery is currently one of the stronger and more inventive songwriters of the booming singer-songwriter style.

The production makes excellent use of the tools at hand on “Buddafly”. The clarity of the sound is a selling point.  The production remains uncluttered, simple, and spotless. Moreover, the driving groove gives the song ulterior energy. Even though Ash Avery never asserts himself in an aggressive manner, his personality together with the charm in his vocals wins you over.

“Buddafly” is Ash Avery in his finest hour: exquisite, mainly organic sonics that author an uplifting mood presented alongside insightful lyrical content.


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