Decades: “Similar Lights” – a shining light amongst a sea of mediocrity

Written by on 11 March 2017

Decades is an American alternative rock band from New Jersey consisting of Jose Rodriguez (Lead Vocals), Nicholas Alfieri (Guitars), Jeff Tussi (Guitars), Rich Woznicki (Bass) and Alex Armeni (Drums). The band has just released their debut EP “Similar Lights”, Recorded at Cannon Sound Foundation by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oetinger. Melodic, edgy, somewhat grungy, rocking and luscious, where everything flows in an upward spiral, Decades deliver an EP which acts as a shining light amongst a sea of mediocrity.

“Similar Lights” opens with the track titled ‘Ivory’, which acts as the teaser trailer for an upcoming action movie. Not the kind of modern day straight to DVD b-grade action movie, but the high-end big screen blockbuster. The track swirls in and out of the guitar-driven mist as interesting harmonies and effects warp the vocals that climb up into the sprawling chorus.

‘Marian’ gives us yet another glance into the musical landscape that Decades was trying to create. Hard hitting drumming by Armeni, crunching precise guitar riffage and thumping bass slides by Woznicki, all provide the perfect backdrop to lead singer Jose Rodriguez soaring vocals. The band doesn’t hold anything back early, letting their scorching intensity and ample storytelling abilities draw the listener in from the get-go.

Decades continue to impress with their uncanny ability to provide the listener with songs that are rich in depth, harbor a strong meaning and roll along dynamically with complex instrumental arrangements and lush vocal harmonies. Some of the examples are ‘Golden State’ and ‘Into The Mouth Of The River’ which both pack quite a punch, but it’s the underlying meaning of both songs that are the real kicker. Just listen to the lyrics.

The two late closer songs, ‘Tense’ and the jaw dropping ‘Anchors Away’, are tracks that you can’t afford to miss. ‘Tense’ features a great guitar hook, a huge soaring chorus and a bridge that demands your attention, with solid musicianship that is interesting enough to ignite all of your senses.

Afterwards Decades tread into slower and poignant waters, with the final meticulously calculated and epic ‘Anchors Away’. This is truly one of those songs that stops you in your tracks and makes you feel genuine emotion.

The whole song builds up nicely with ominous harmonies and the aura of a distant thunder rolling through the speakers while Alfieri and Jeff Tussi’s jangling guitar riffs construct tense and ever-changing atmospheres.

Rodriguez vocals dazzle and once entering the chorus reaches a level that is so stirring it manages to give me Goosebumps every time I hear it. An epic array of echoing vocal harmonies brings the album down to a simmer and ends it.

Hence there is no denying that Decades have released a belter of an album, which acts as a shining light amongst a sea of mediocrity, instantly granting them access to the top echelon of underground’s modern alternative rock.

Decades flirt with elements of progressive, alternative, psychedelic and technical rock, which strikes a chord with the listener; something that has long been missing in the genre. With a handful of other alternative bands recently also gaining momentum, the future suddenly seems a little brighter for modern rock.


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